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01 MAIRO-time!
02 wipe out wef 2002


03 5 years of prison after EUsummit at GBG
04 Chronik eines angekündigten Krieges


05 Rückkehr Chico und Familia
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07 Attila Csorgo?

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01 MAIRO-time!

Hier ein ganz grauslicher Bericht über eine der Methoden der militanten
Bitte den Link bzw. nur
anklicken, wenn frau/man über starke Nerven verfügt. Die Fotos dort sind
(und so soll es ja auch sein....)
In Wien ist am kommenden Samstag um 9.00 Uhr in der Großen Sperlgasse 26 in
1020 Wien wieder MAIRO-Time. Das Recht der Frauen, einen
Schwangerschaftsabbruch zu verlangen und auch durchführen lassen zu können,
darf nicht in Frage
gestellt werden.
Die Klinik LUCINA/MAIRO muss gegen die Monster-Organisation Human Life
International verteidigt werden.

Kommt bitte zahlreich - setzt ein Zeichen gegen Frauenverachtung und den
Backlash auf Katholisch!!!

Hier der Artikel:,1294,53968,00.html

By Julia Scheeres
2:00 a.m. July 19, 2002 PDT

Type in into your Internet browser and you won't see the
famous loopy logo or any reference to the caffeinated brown fizz. What you
will see are plenty of photographs of dismembered, bloody fetuses.

The venerable soft-drink maker, along with dozens of other businesses, news
media organizations, school districts and celebrities, has been targeted in
a recent cybersquatting campaign using known trademarks and names to drive
traffic to the gruesome content of

According to, two men with apparently different objectives are
behind the scheme: One is a militant anti-abortion activist from Minnesota
trying to make a political statement; the other is a reclusive New Yorker
who has a history of using the ploy to coerce money from his targets.

Although the webmaster of has gotten in trouble for
cybersquatting in the past, he says it has nothing to do with the redirects.

"We don't have any relationship with these people," said Thomas P.A. Fitch,
"but we appreciate the publicity."

Cybersquatting is defined by U.S. law as registering, trafficking in or
using a domain name with bad-faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a
trademark belonging to someone else. The common motivation for
cybersquatting is financial -- it's cheaper for companies or individuals to
buy the domain from the cybersquatter than to take legal action to shut it

This fact appears to be the guiding principle motivating Bronx denizen John
Barry, who has made a business out of registering domains using famous names
or brands and redirecting them to in an apparent
attempt to profit from the abortion controversy.

Barry, whose company's name is Domain For Sale, refused to respond to
interview requests. But a quick Internet search found several judgments
against him. So far this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization
has ruled against him three times for trademark violations and the National
Arbitration Forum has ruled against him five times.

In one case, Barry e-mailed the complainant that it would be faster and
cheaper to pay him the $1,000 he was demanding than the $1,500 arbitration
cost. In another case, Barry sent a threatening e-mail to the complainant
saying that if the company refused to fork over $1,000, they'd better "watch
their ass."

His recent cybersquatting targets include the diminutive television actor
Gary Coleman, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Annie Dillard, the Internet
powerhouse AOL and the Minneapolis Public Schools.

The Minneapolis redirect was discovered by a parent looking for information
on bus schedules, said school district lawyer Margaret Westin. Fearing that
more people will stumble across the gory domain as the new school year
approaches, the district is planning to file for a temporary restraining
order against Barry in federal court, she added.

Until recently, also pointed to, but the registrant, anti-abortion activist William
Purdy, quickly relinquished it when asked by school officials. Purdy said he
was inspired by Barry's exploits when he purchased the domain along with 35
others he's linked to anti-abortion sites over the past two weeks, but later
decided it "didn't fit."

Unlike Barry, Purdy isn't demanding money for the domains; he's using them
as a political soapbox.

"I want people to see these aborted babies," said Purdy, a 52-year-old
retired railroad engineer who said he's been jailed 18 times during protests
at family-planning clinics.

His targets include organizations that he says have a pro-choice bent and
popular brands such as Coke and McDonald's, which drive a lot of Internet
traffic among young people. Among the domains the South St. Paul, Minnesota,
resident has registered are,,,, and
variations of the Planned Parenthood site teenwire including,, and

A few of Purdy's sites redirect to "Baby Butcher Cams," the site maintained
by über-anti-abortionist Neal Horsely, who also owns the infamous Nuremberg
Files website.

Purdy said he has received nine cease-and-desist letters, but swore he would
not back down.

"Let them come after me," he said. "These big fat lawyers better get their
heads out of their asses and learn they can't trample people's free
amendment rights in this manner."

But Purdy has used the free speech defense to defend his cybersquatting
activities in the past and lost. In 1998, he was sued by his former
employer, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, for registering and and using the sites to criticize the railroad. A district court
found he had violated the railroad's trademark and ordered the sites
transferred to the company.

About the only entity that hasn't threatened to sue Purdy is the American
Civil Liberties Union.

"The best response to speech we don't like is more speech, and the ACLU
website has plenty to say about reproductive rights," said ACLU spokeswoman
Emily Whitfield. "We hope that after viewing Purdy's site, Web users will
exercise their free speech rights to find out what the real ACLU has to

Aktionskomitee für das Selbstbestimmungsrecht der Frau, Wien

(detailierte Infos auch in einem Artikel von Viktoria Roth: )

02 wipe out wef 2002

Subject: newsletter #2


This newsletter summerises the International meeting from activists to
prepare the activities against the WEF in Salzburg (12th to 19th
september). The meeting took place from the first to the second of July in
The people who came to the meeting came as well from eastern european
countries as from EU-countries.
The next international meeting should be in early August in Salzburg.
Invitations will be spread through the mailinglists (look for point 6

(1) What happened last year in Salzburg plus information about Salzburg in
(2) Legal situation/Repression
(3) Different austrian groups mobilising against the WEF
(4) Discussion about strategies against the WEF
(5) WEF agenda 2002
(6) Communication

(1) WHAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR IN SALZBURG plus Information about Salzburg in
Last year the first European Economic Summit took place from 1st to 3rd
July 2001 in Salzburg. The former five Summits had been Middle and Eastern
European Summits. The transformation of the Summit is a result of the
increasing importance of the meeting in Salzburg.
Last year activists organised street theater, street parties and different
smaller actions/demos. A forbidden demo with 1200 people entered the green
and the yellow zone and touched the red one). 919 activists were encircled
by police for 7 hours, more than 100 people have been accused. Although
actions were rather peaceful; 3000-4000 cops from allover Austria
transformed Salzburg into a fortress.
The Border situation last year: Schengen contract was temporarily suspended
like in Gotheburg or Genua.
There were controls of the inner-EU-borders and all over Bavaria (southern
Germany). Austrian and german police worked closely together, e.g. borrowed
Last year police set up three security zones in the inner city. We expect a
similar situation this year:
Red Zone: location of the congress centre and some hotels where delegates
stay. It's only allowed to enter with a special ID. The red zone is very
small and covers only the close surrounding of the congresscenter.
Yellow Zone: Entrance only allowed with a proof that you work, live there
or have to visit a doctor (or similar)...
Green Zone: Where everyone's ID can be checked without a reason, can be
searched and sent away.
The Zones cover the whole inner city. In salzburg there is no underground
or tram, only busses, which all pass the Zones. People might have to walk
because busses can be controlled before entering a zone.
Salzburg is a rather small city with 140.000 inhabitants. A river (Salzach)
separates the city into 2 parts. The city is close to the German/Austrian
border. There is no WEF-representation office or building in Salzburg.

Infrastructure fixed till now:
- Independent Media Center
- Infopoint near the trainstation
- Free/cheap vegan food
- First aid for demos
- legal support

Because of last year's protests over hundred people were accused. 79
individuals had been identified through video and photo material, about 30
people are still unidentified. A few charges have already been dropped.
Some people have been sentenced to money-fines. People all over Austria and
in Germany had visits from the police at home and at work before and after
the actions in Salzburg. Some accused people try to make a process together
to make their process and the repression more public. The austrian
parlament is into deciding a new law that forbids wearing masks on
demonstrations. It is unclear whether this law will be fixed before
Septembers actions.
The WEF and the police are trying to realize Arbenz' advices for dividing
protest into people who are willing to have dialogue with the WEF and "in
no real dialogue interested with violence smypathising" protestors.
Regarding to this definition no dialogue means violent.

Anti WEF Koordination (AWK): The AWK is a group of indivduals and groups
from austria. We will provide infrastructure for the protests in September
(action days from 12th to 19th September). We also want to give a chance to
different groups to coordinate their protest. We neither want dialogue with
the WEF nor the police. People should not consume protest but mainly
participate and plan autonoumos their actions.

Salzburg Social Forum (SSF): formed by peace initiatives, christian
activists, green party, student groups, different communist groups, ATTAC
Salzburg; The SSF is independent from Austrian Social Forum which has not
been founded yet.
The SSF calls itself an open platform where all groups can join.
The AK (official workers representatives) Salzburg is planning a dialogue
with the WEF (like ATTAC did last year). ATTAC Salzburg is organising a
discussion on globalisation with representatives from Salzburgs economy
this year. The "leader" of ATTAC Salzburg has also great influence in the
AK. For this reason it could be sayed he is organising both, the dialouge
with the WEF and the discussion with the representatives from Salzburgs
economy.The SSFs position is no dialogue with the WEF (the AWK questions
this statement for the reasons mentioned).
The SSF concentrates mainly on the demo on Sunday but they also have a
cultural team which tries to organise cultural events around the zones. SSF
wants to lead the demo through the red zone. The SSF takes a strictly non
violent position and only cooporates with groups who define themselves also
as non violent.

ATIG-F (austrian-turkish communists): organize migrants march on saturday
(day before big demo)

The discussion on the last international meeting ran about if we should
mobilise only to Salzburg or ask people to do action in there own cities
(espeacially if they live far away). The costs for transport to and living
in Salzburg may be not affordable for everybody, we ask these people and
everybody else who is not able to come to Salzburg to take action whereever
they are. This will bring a more global aspect to our protest.
There was also a dicussion about action days: Experiences with 'days of
action' in other countries showed that rarely people did their own
autonomous actions. If there are several big actions and meetingpoints
people are more willing to participate in these and plan their own actions
as well.
The ideas so far (the timetable is expandable by your actions):
thurdsday 12th workshops, start of the infopoint
friday 13th workshops, Battle on the bridge
saturday 14th workshops, NoBorder action, migrants march
sundy 15th (WEF opening), SSF demo
monday 16th (WEF Forum), demonstration into the congress center
tuesday 17th (WEF Forum), beach party in the yellow zone

Battle on the bridge: a battle on the main bridge in Salzburgs inner city
in the yellow zone should happen with water pistols and vegetables to make
fun of mainstream media reports (violent anarchists, chaots...), cause
confusion and demonstrate against the new law against wearing masks on
demos in Austria; in the end march/parade to the infopoint through the
inner city as far as possible.

NoBorder action: on saturday two meeting points should be set up for
busses, individuals, cars one on the german, one on the austrian side of
the border. The demo coming from Austrian side of the border should cross
the border and try to get back united with people from the other side if
possible. This is also meant to cause troubles and confusion for the
borderpolice and to make a spot on the border situation during the WEF and
in general. Later the demo goes back to join the migrants march.

Demo on Monday:
Because the SSF demo takes place on Sunday when only the opening of the WEF
takes place. We do another demonstration on Monday when the meetings take
place to interrupt and close the Summit.

Beach Party: Party at the Salzach (the river) in the yellow zone to reclaim
the city and have some fun.

An autonoums block on Sundays demo is also planed. The blocks should lead
to the congresscenter.
Different workshops will be offered during the action days. Everybody is
asked to enlarge the offers with own workshops to topics you are interested
in. Brief overview:
- legal info
- first aid for demos
- theory Negri/Hardt 'The Empire'
- creative workshop
- preparation for action (e.g.: battle on the brige, pink silver)

Selected Agenda Items:
How Can Europe Be More Competitive?
European Enlargement
Migration and Integration
Balancing Social Imperatives and Economic Growth
Economic Outlook for Europe
"Bridging Europe": Reconnecting Europe and Its Citizens
Restructuring the Balkans
Russia and Europe
Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime
European Security and Foreign Policy
European Government versus European Business
Although these are some topics of the European Economic Summit it is
unclear what the WEF will exactly discuss. The WEF meetings are informal
meetings which means there are no official decissions. Although there are
some big plenar discussions they don't have much influence on the policy of
the WEF-members. The more important part of the meetings are the dinners
the working breakfast and the cultural programm which provides the
surrunding for informal discussions between members (and also between
members and poiticians). The results of these discussions mostly don't get
public. The newspaper reports concentrate on the results of plenar meetings
to which media is invited. The European Economic Summit is meant to provide
a place for eastern european politicians and western corporation
representatives to get in contact.
For example Austria is No.1 investor in Croatia which is relayed to the WEF.

There are two new e-mail lists set up:
to subscribe send a mail to
'' and write in the body
'subscribe antiwef-sbg-de' (for german)
'subscribe antiwef-sbg-en' (for english)
or visit where you will find a simple formular to


03 5 years of prison after EUsummit at GBG

--- Fwd message from ---

A 22 year old man from Stockholm recieved 5 years of prison today. It's the
hardest verdict efter the EU-summit in Gothenburg 2001. He has also retained
in custody since the trial in the middle of June and the city court decieded
they keep him there until the verdict has been legally binding. He will appeal.

Write and support him in the custody of Gothenburg. At the moment there is
five person in prison (excluding the man above). 2 germans, 1 danish and 2

Solidarity Group GBG
c/o Syndikalistiskt forum
Box 7267
SE-402 35 Gothenburg
Tel: +46 (0)733-164296

Financial support:

Our account info:
405 06 Stockholm
Swift number: pgsisess
Account Name: Nisse-Latts minnesfond
Account number: 27602-2
All many goes directly to the prisoners. All work is done voluntarily.

04 Chronik eines angekündigten Krieges
Irak: Chronik eines angekündigten Krieges

a.. Am 5. Juli veröffentlichte die New York Times einen Bericht, in dem
die Planungen des Pentagon für einen Krieg gegen den Irak preisgegeben
wurden (siehe "USA planen Angriff auf Irak von drei Seiten"). Zehntausende
von amerikanischen Marines und anderen Bodentruppen sollen sich ihren Weg
ins Innere des Irak freikämpfen, heißt es unter Berufung auf ein geheimes
Planungsdokument des US-Zentralkommandos in Tampa, Florida. Von dort soll
der nächste Krieg gegen den Irak geleitet werden. Unterstützt von
schlagkräftigen Luft- und Seestreitkräften soll der US-amerikanische Angriff
mit bis zu 250.000 Mann von drei Seiten geführt werden, vom Norden, Süden
und vom Westen. US-Spezialeinheiten oder CIA-geführte Operationen würden im
Hinterland des Irak Depots und Waffenlager angreifen. Der größte Teil der
US-Bodentruppen soll Irak von Kuwait aus überfallen, wo Fuchs-Spürpanzer der
deutschen Bundeswehr schon seit letztem Jahr bereitstehen.
Ein Zeitpunkt für den Angriff ist in dem Dokument nicht angegeben. Bisher
gab es aber verschiedentlich Spekulationen, die entweder den Oktober d.J.
(also vor den US-Kongressteilwahlen im November) oder den Februar 2003
Die überregionalen Zeitungen in der Bundesrepublik berichteten über diesen
Artikel einen Tag später.
Am selben Tag, an dem die New York Times die Kriegsplanungen enthüllte,
ging ein erstes Verhandlungstreffen zwischen UNO (in Person des
Generalsekretärs Kofi Annan) und Irak (dessen Außenminister Naji Sabri) in
Wien ohne Ergebnis zu Ende. Während die UN-Delegation bemüht ist, eine
Vereinbarung zu erzielen, damit wieder Waffenkontrolleure in das Land
dürfen, versucht der Irak, diese Frage mit dem Embargoproblem zu verbinden.
Für die "kommenden Monate" sei ein neues Treffen in Europa anvisiert, sagte
ein Sprecher von Kofi Annan in New York.
b.. Am 8. Juli (Ortszeit) erläuterte US-Präsident Bush noch einmal seine
Essentials zur Irak-Frage. Danach ist ein "Regierungswechsel" ein "festes
Ziel" seiner Regierung. "Und wir werden alle Mittel nutzen, die uns zur
Verfügung stehen, um dies zu erreichen." Die Meldung der New York Times vom
5. Juli über die Planungen des Pentagon ließ Bush unkommentiert.
c.. Im Fall eines Angriffs auf den Irak wollen die USA auch Jordanien als
Stützpunkt benutzen, schrieb die New York Times am 10. Juli. Jordanien
könnte Ausgangspunkt für Luftangriffe und Kommandoeinsätze sein. Das Blatt
berichtete weiter, dass darüber aber noch keine Verhandlungen zwischen USA
und Jordanien geführt worden seien. Jordaniens Informationsminister Mohammad
el Adwan hatt am 8. Juli erklärt, Jordanien mische sich nicht in die inneren
Angelegenheiten eines Bruderstaates ein; eine Stationierung von US-Truppen
für einen Angriff auf Irak käme nicht in Frage.
d.. Am 12. Juli beginnt ein Treffen von etwa 70 oppositionellen Offizieren
aus dem Irak in London, um über den Sturz Saddam Husseins zu beraten. Dies
sagte ein Sprecher der Vereinigung Iraqi National Congress (INC) am 11. Juli
gegenüber der Presse. Organisator des Treffens ist der frühere Generalmajor
Tawfiq Yassir, der sich schon einmal, 1991, mit Armeeeinheiten an einem
gescheiterten Putschversuch gegen Saddam beteilgt hatte. Das britische
Außenministerium bestätigte die Einladung zum Treffen und sagte, man werde
als Beobachter teilnehmen.
Autralien hat den USA vorbehaltlose Unterstützung zugesagt im Fall eines
Angriffs auf Irak. Man müsse der Produktion von Massenvernichtungsmitteln in
Irak ein Ende setzen, sagte der australische Außenminister Alexander Downer
am 12. Juli in Washington.
e.. Am 13. Juli sind bei Angriffen US-amerikanischer und britischer
Kampfflugzeuge in Südirak sieben Zivilisten verletzt worden, behauptete die
Regierung in Bagdad. Die USA bestätigten lediglich den Angriff. Es habe sich
um einen Einsatz gegen eine irakische Luftabwehrstellung gehandelt.
f.. Am 15. Juli berichtete die israelische Zeitung Haaretz, Syrien kaufe
unter Umgehung des UN-Waffenembargos heimlich Waffen für den Irak. Die
meisten Waffenkäufe würden in Osteuropa (z.B. Tschechien, Russland) gekauft.
Zum Abschluss der Konferenz von Oppositionellen in London haben sich mehr
als 60 ehemalige irakische Offiziere für den Sturz Saddams und dessen
Überstellung an ein Kriegsverbrechertribunal ausgesprochen. Außerdem hieß
es, die Offiziere hätten einen 15-köpfigen Militärrat gebildet.
Der jordanische König Abdullah hat vor einem Alleingang der USA gegen Irak
gewarnt. In einem Interview, das der US-Fernsehsender NBC "am 15. Juli
ausstrahlte, sprach er sich für einen "Dialog" aus. Ein Angriff auf den Irak
könne für den Nahen Osten schwere Folgen haben, solange der
palästinensisch-israelische Konflikt nicht gelöst sei. "Die Anspannung
könnte für den Nahen Osten zu stark sein."
g.. Am 16. Juli haben US- und britische Kampfflugzeuge eine mobile
Radaranlage in Südirak bombardiert. Nach irakischen Angaben wurde dabei ein
Zivilist getötet.
Der US-Vize-Verteidigungsminister Paul Wolfowitz sprach mit türkischen
Regierungsvertretern über einen bevorstehenden Krieg gegen Irak. Es ging um
einen türkischen Beitrag dazu. Die Türkei verhält sich aber sehr reserviert.
Vor allem hat sie Angst vor der Bildung eines kurdischen Staates im Norden
Iraks; dies könnte in Ostanatolien die Unabhängigkeitsbestrebungen der
Kurden neu beleben.
Der briitsche Premierminister Tony Blair warnte im Unterhaus vor der
irakischen Bedrohung mit Massenvernichtungswaffen. EWr dementierte aber
Meldungen, wonach eine Entscheidung über den Krieg bereits gefallen sei.


05 Rückkehr Chico und Familia

Hier noch einmal unsere zweite Appel an alles !!!

Liebe Grüße an alles, Chico Reyes und Familie


An die Freundinnen und Freunde aus der Solidaritätsbewegung

An alle humanitären, antirassistischen und solidarischen Organisationen

Liebe compañeras und compañeros!

Wir wenden uns noch einmal an Euch mit der Bitte um Eure Solidarität und
Euer Verständnis!

Im April 2002 haben wir unsere Solidaritätskampagne für unsere Rückkehr und
Wiedereingliederung in Lateinamerika begonnen, nachdem wir 23 Jahre in
Österreich im Exil lebten. Wir werden, trotz der schwierigen Situation in
Lateinamerika, nun endgültig Ende September dieses Jahres zurückkehren.
Daher haben wir diese Solidaritätskampagne begonnen, um Euch zu bitten, uns
in diesem Projekt zu unterstützen, da wir etwa 50 Kisten (mit
Studienmaterial unserer Kinder, Arbeitsmaterial und Dingen, die uns während
dieser 23 Jahre begleitet haben) zu etwa 80 bis 85 Euro je Kiste nach
Lateinamerika schicken müssen.

Während der drei Monate haben wir Dank der aktiven Solidarität von Euch
bereits 30 Kisten schicken können.

Wir möchten noch einmal an Euch alle appellieren, um in gemeinsamer
Anstrengung es zu ermöglichen, dass wir auch die verbleibenden 20 Kisten,
die für uns unterlässlich sind, in unsere neue-alte Heimat schicken können.

Wir möchten Euch bereits jetzt alle, den Organisationen, Personen und
Companeros/as, unseren Dank aussprechen, dass Ihr uns bei der Verwirklichung
unseres Projektes unterstützt.

In solidarischer Nähe

Jose (Chico) Reyes y Familia
Julio 2002

PS: Wir schicken Euch noch einmal unsere Kontonummer mit: Nr. 00745321612,
BLZ 12000; Bank Austria, laufend auf José Reyes Pizarro, Kennwort "Retorno"

06 aktualisierte homepage

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
wir möchten Sie auf unsere aktualisierte Homepage hinweisen, vor allem auf zwei neue
a.. Murauer Karrieren
b.. ( Der Murauer Jugend eine Stimme geben -
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Aramis und Britta Sievers

07 Attila Csorgo?

Good Day! I am looking for Attila Csorgo's email address. Can you help me?
Thank you for your kindness.
Rosanne Csorgo
2318 Quincy St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418 USA



Redaktionsschluss: Dienstag, 23.7., 22:00 Uhr
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