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1 - Umvölkung?
von: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous <>
2 - Presseaussendung Know Your DATA!
von: NOborder NOnation <>
3 - Freiheit de Medien im Iran
von: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous <>
4 - Das Todesfasten dauert an
von: <>
5 - applauded for insulting Ghandhi
von: Andreas Goerg <>
6 - Unis/Mitbestimmung/Kahr/KPÖ
von: Parteder Franz <>
7 - WCAR Berichte
von: asylkoordination <>
8 - Wiesenthal Center on the UN-Conference in Durban
von: Baltic News Watch <>
9 - Comunicato Stampa della VolxTheaterKarawane, 29.8.20
von: NOborder NOnation <>
10 - IS-Newsletter -Klassenkampf #29 jetzt online!
von: Christian <>
11 - Dienstag: HOSI Wien für alle
von: Christian Hoegl <>
12 - AGM am Volksstimmefest
von: Arbeitsgruppe Marxismus <>
13 - Ist Österreich noch neutral?
von: Verein Stadtteilz. Simmering <>


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1 - Umvölkung?
von: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous <>
Bezugnehmend auf die Stellungnahme (20 ADL Reports from the World
Conference Against Racism From: Samuel Laster,, im heutigen MUND in der die palästinensische
Vertreterin Hanan Ashrawi als "pervers" bezeichnet wurde, möchte ich den
Wortlaut ihre Rede in Durban bekanntmachen.
Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous, Beirut

Anmerkung: als "perverted" wurde nicht hanan ashrawi, sondern eine
rassistische definition von antisemitismus (als gegen araber gerichtet)


Address by Hanan Ashrawi
Durban, South Africa
August 28, 2001

Sisters and Brothers,

From Jerusalem, from the heart of Palestine, a land besieged, and
repeatedly violated by a most brutal Israeli military occupation, I
have come to join you today. From the midst of the people of Palestine,
tortured nation, guilty only of an unwavering commitment to freedom,
dignity, and independence, I have come to join you today. From the
depths of unredeemed history, I have come to join you today. I
represent a narrative of exclusion, denial, racism, and national
victimization, but I also come with a message of hope, redemption, and
historical vindication embodied in the spirit and the will of a people
that has refused to succumb to all forces of oppression, violence,
cruelty, and injustice.

In convening this conference, you are the authentic embodiment of
courage in withstanding the forces of domination, subjugation, and
enslavement. We stand together today to launch a truly global mission
of empowerment and solidarity, to give voice to the silenced, to give a
reality to the invisible, to give recognition to the denied, and to
give credence to the victimized.

In times of adversity, and during the darkest nights of the soul, we
look to you for affirmation and action as an antidote to the failure of
established power systems, including governments - a failure
characterized by self-interest, power politics, absence of will, and
impotence. I take this opportunity to recognize before you those
valiant men and women who had left the comfort of their homes in Europe
and the US and joined us in Palestine to provide popular protection, a
human shield in the face of Israeli abuses, violence, and violations
against the Palestinian people.

I come to you today with a heavy heart leaving behind a nation in
captivity held hostage to an ongoing Nakba [catastrophe], as the most
intricate and pervasive expression of persistent colonialism,
apartheid, racism, and victimization.

More than half a century ago [53 years], the Palestinians as a people
were slated for national obliteration, cast outside the course of
history, their identity denied, and their very human cultural and
historical reality suppressed. We became victims of the myth of a land
without a people for people without a land whereby the West sought to
assuage its guilt over its horrendous anti-Semitism by the total
victimization of a whole nation. Zionism sought to implement its agenda
of exclusivity by usurping not only the lands and rights of the
Palestinians, but also by confiscating their utterance and distorting
their historical narrative.

In 1948, we became subject to a grave historical injustice manifested
in a dual victimization: on the one hand, the injustice of
dispossession, dispersion, and exile forcibly enacted on the population
that has come to be known as the refugee question that currently
encompasses more than 5 million Palestinians. On the other hand, those
that remained were subject to the systematic oppression and brutality of
an inhuman occupation that robbed them of all their rights and
liberties including their national identity on their own land.

The creation of the state of Israel was no heroic and legendary
accomplishment as depicted by the version of history propagated by the
conquerors. It is time to lift the veil, to examine the facts
themselves, and to come to grips with the horrific price paid by an
innocent nation for the mere fact of its existence as well as for the
greed and moral blindness of others. The days of denial must come to
an end. The Palestinian people deserve their day in the sun as an
equal among nations, and as a tribute to the human will that cannot be
broken. As a Palestinian, as a woman, and on behalf of my people, I
stand before you today to lay claim to my/to our humanity. From the
"non-existent Palestinians - 'there is not such thing as Palestinians;
they never existed' (Golda Meir, 1969) - we have undergone a
metamorphosis willfully inflicted upon us by Israeli-imposed diction
and policies that have variously depicted us as two-legged vermin,
cockroaches, beasts walking on two legs, a people that have to be
exterminated unless they are resigned to live as slaves, grasshoppers
to be crushed, crocodiles, and vipers. [A comprehensive list with
representative samples is available]

Such a systematic and racist dehumanization was also accompanied by
policies of violent expulsion.

_____ 'There is no other way than to transfer the Arabs from here to
neighboring countries, not one village, not one tribe should be left'
(Joseph Weitz, 1940).

_____ 'There is no choice: the Arabs must make room for the Jews in
Eretz Yisrael. If it was possible to transfer the Baltic peoples, it
is also possible to move the Palestinian Arabs' (Vladimir Jabotinsky,

_____ 'Zionist colonization must either be terminated or carried out
against the wishes of the native population. It is important to speak
Hebrew, but it is even more important to be able to shoot or else I am
through at playing with colonizing' (Vladimir Jabotinsky, 1939).

_____ 'We must do everything to insure they never return. The old
will die and the young will forget.' (However, for those that remained
in spite of all of Israels military coercion and attempts at forced
expulsion, other (and equally sinister) plans were in the making): 'We
shall reduce the Arab population to a community of woodcutters and
waiters.' (David Ben Gurion).

To the rest of the world, we were reduced to the Aristotelian dualism
of pity and fear - the pitiful refugees, of the fearful terrorists.
But never were we perceived or addressed in the fullness of our

The Palestinians today continue to be subject to multiple forms and
expressions of racism, exclusion, oppression, colonialism, apartheid,
and national denial. Our right to self-determination, hence sovereignty
and statehood, has been withheld by force and made subject to the
approval of our oppressor. The refugee populations, mostly stateless
people, are bereft of the rudimentary civil, human, political, and
national rights, left at the mercy of host countries that view them
either as a demographic threat, or as unwelcome guests. While Israel
has legislated a law of return to bring in Jews from all over the world
into historical Palestine, it persists in rejecting the Palestinian
refugees Right of Return and in refusing to abide by UN res. 194, a
legal commitment which the international community was supposed to
guarantee and implement.

The Palestinians who remained in what has become Israel are
experiencing in their historical homeland the worst system of
apartheid, exclusion, and racial discrimination--their towns and cities
either taken over entirely, or turned into ghettos and enclaves as the
non-Jewish population of Israel. Many continue to be displaced persons
in their own land, witnesses to the destruction of their villages.
Over 500 villages were razed in the original ethnic cleansing campaign
that accompanied the creation of the state of Israel. Those of us who
came under Israeli occupation in 1967 have languished in the West Bank,
Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip under a unique combination of military
occupation, settler colonization, and systematic oppression.

Rarely has the human mind devised such varied, diverse, and
comprehensive means of wholesale brutalization and persecution. Since
1967, Palestinian land has been expropriated at an increasing pace,
while whole Jewish populations have been brought in, in a calculated
scheme of settler colonization. Throughout the land, an artificial and
colonial grid of infrastructure was superimposed on our authentic
reality to create a spurious settler superstructure as a means of
Israeli demographic, geographic, and extraterritorial incursions into
Palestine. So-called bypass roads for the exclusive use of the illegal
Jewish settler population, tear through the heart of Palestinian land,
to bypass Palestinian realities and create a unique form of racism. In
the meantime, settler vigilantes habitually unleash the full force of
their extremism and violence, carrying out campaigns of terror
against defenseless Palestinian families and villages. Israels state
terrorism is implemented by both military and settler perpetrators with
political duplicity and legal impunity.

Another unique manifestation of Israeli racism is the blatant and
sinister policy of demographic engineering. To maintain the Jewish
character, or the purity of the state of Israel, the Palestinians have
been depicted and dealt with as a demographic threat. Proposed
remedies included calls for forced birth control and population
management, to transfer and expulsion of whole communities, to the
racist and punitive unilateral separation scheme currently being

In Jerusalem, land expropriation, ID confiscations, home demolitions,
withholding of building permits, and the importation of settler
colonies within and around the city have become constant elements of
Israels demographic engineering through ethnic cleansing.

Jerusalem is also under siege in an attempt to isolate it from its
Palestinian context and environment, and to extricate it from the heart
of Palestine, as the center of political, cultural, economic, social,
and educational activity and as the future capital of our state. Such
Israeli unilateral measures seek to consolidate Israels illegal
annexation of occupied Jerusalem, and to impose a Jewish exclusivity on
a Palestinian city that has always been pluralistic and tolerant.
Onslaughts on Christian and Islamic holy sites and activities while
banning Palestinian worshipers from reaching their holy places of
worship betray a willful policy of intolerance and a violation of the
right and freedom to worship.

A state of siege has been imposed not only on the West Bank and Gaza,
but also within these territories, to transform each village, town, and
city into an isolated prison thereby destroying every aspect of human
life, including economic, educational, health, and social cohesiveness
in an attempt to sever every fiber of the fabric of normal life.
Israeli occupation troops using tanks, helicopter gunships, F-16s,
military barges, and checkpoints not only render a whole Palestinian
population captive in 64 isolated bantustans, they also use the full
force of their military power against a vulnerable and defenseless
people. Daily, they shell Palestinian homes, assassinate Palestinian
activists and leaders, destroy crops and fields, indulge in
cold-blooded murder of children and other innocents while implementing
a policy of deliberate humiliation and suffocation at every checkpoint.

The Israeli occupation has also hijacked the concept of security
rendering it applicable only to Israelis while depriving the
Palestinians of every aspect of personal, political, legal,
territorial, historical, cultural, economic, and even human security.
As a blanket cover for its systematic abuses, Israel has also abused
the essence of the concept, exploiting it for the sake of eradicating
any mention of the occupation, and claiming the illogical right to have
a secure or even a safe and pleasant military occupation that is in
itself the very antithesis of peace, security, and human rights.

As the world watches, Israel has succeeded in evolving and imposing
another grand deception in the form of an official spin that not only
dehumanizes and demonizes the Palestinians, but also as an attempt at
blaming the victim and resuscitating labels that represent us as
subhuman species, and genetically violent terrorists, hence undeserving
of any human treatment. At best, a false symmetry is manufactured
between occupier and occupied, oppressor and oppressed, (as in the call
on both sides to stop the violence) serving to eradicate the full
horror of the occupation while depriving the victims of their right to
resist. Given the disequilibrium of power, the American insistence on
a bilateral solution only serves to give Israel license to exploit the
asymmetry of power and to pursue its policies of subjugating a whole
nation and imposing a unilateral and unjust solution.

The Israeli solution is firmly imbedded in the tainted mentality of
occupation as license to dictate by force of arms illegal and punitive
realities that would further exacerbate the conflict and the suffering
of the Palestinian people. Refusal to intervene by the US and the
international community as a whole has given Israel a free hand to
continue to act with impunity and immunity as a country above the law
and beyond accountability, while the Palestinians continue to be
deprived of protection of the law and the minimal imperatives of moral
and human decency. We continue to plead for a global rule of law that
would check the aggression of the powerful, and eliminate the ongoing
dehumanization of the Palestinian people. Such absence of will and
abrogation of responsibility on the part of the international community
has not only perpetuated the Nakba and prolonged the suffering and
victimization of the Palestinian people, but has also served to
undermine the quest and chances for peace throughout the region.

When we joined the peace process launched in Madrid in 1991, we did so
as an act of will, as a commitment to a peaceful resolution of the
conflict with the aim of ending the occupation of 22% of historical
Palestine and the establishment of our independent state on the
territory occupied by Israel in 1967. As victims, we rose above the
pain of the moment and reached out to our occupiers to wrench the
course of history away from inevitable conflict, towards reconciliation
based on justice and parity. Buttressed by the confidence of the peoples
will to endure and resist oppression, as manifested in the intifada of
1987, we offered Israel and the world a unique opportunity to
legitimize a daring pursuit of peace, and to gain a constituency for an
equitable resolution.

Unfortunately, the peace process became a punitive process manipulated
by Israel to pursue its policies of expansion, ethnic cleansing,
colonialism, and subjugation of the weaker side by force. It further
served as a guise to rationalize the separation of the people from the
land and to fragment both the people and the land, transforming the
occupied Palestinian territories into a series of isolated reservations
or Bantustans while maintaining full Israeli hegemony and direct
control. While seeking to bestow retroactive legitimacy on illegal
Israeli settlements, and on Israels annexation of Jerusalem by force,
it also sought to negate the Palestinian refugees right of return
thereby denying the very essence of peace and destroying its

The so-called generous offer of Barak has been exposed for the sham
that it is - an occupiers version of what's good for the natives, based
only on what's good for Israel, thus ensuring further conflict and
instability rather than cementing a fair and durable solution. Having
been historically the victims of war and conflict, we found ourselves
the victims of a flawed and unjust peace process.

Sharons incursion into the Haram Al-Sharif on September 28, 2000, was
only the calculated spark that ignited a powder keg already in place as
a result of the inequities of the process itself. The use of live
ammunition and lethal force against the unarmed Palestinian protestors
unleashed horrific forces of hostility, racism, and orchestrated
violence against the captive Palestinian people. The continued
intensification of these measures sends an ominous and stark message of
brutality and is symptomatic of the regression to fundamentalist
Zionism witnessed in the bloodbaths of the 1940s. By claiming that
this is the continuation of Israels War of Independence, Sharon is
sending a message to the Palestinian people and to the whole world that
the national eradication and the ethnic cleansing of the 1948 Nakba are
still in process.

The current Israeli government represents the most lethal combination
of extremist right-wing political ideology, religious fundamentalism
and zealotry, and unbridled forces of militarism with a deceptive
veneer of the civilized face of the Labor party. Sharon is the same
army general who had committed crimes against humanity in such
atrocities as the Qibya massacre of 1953, the cleansing of Gaza in
1973, the invasion of Lebanon and the massacres of Sabra and Shatilla
of 1982. Intent on pursuing this bloody path and on repeating the
mistakes of history, Sharon has not learned that no amount of
brutality, cruelty, or violence can break the will of a people
determined to gain its freedom, dignity, and independence. He shows no
signs of drawing the right historical conclusions that colonialism is by
nature a temporary form of enslavement, and that a people colonized
cannot be brought to their knees by the colonizers stifling measures of
subjugation and containment.

Sisters and brothers, I appeal to you today, to restore the absent
Palestinians to the agenda of humanity, to validate our reality and
rights, to recognize and alleviate the pain and suffering of this
tortured nation, and to give recognition to the Palestinian narrative
long denied. You are the only source of empowerment for a people who
feel abandoned and disempowered, but who have never lost faith in human
solidarity and a shared vision of emancipation.

I appeal to you, as I have often done to governments and global fora,
not to adopt the stance of cowardly neutrality, for in the struggle
against oppression, injustice, racism, intolerance, colonialism, and
exclusion, there can be NO neutrality. We are all called upon to take
sides on behalf of the victim, the disenfranchised, and the oppressed,
and to stem the tide of evil and prevent the forces of darkness from
prevailing. Here, there is no US veto to deprive us of protection and
our rights, nor is there censorship or blackmail to intimidate
governments ruled by self- interest. Let this meeting radiate the pure
light of the human spirit that can never be dimmed or contained. Our
path to the future must be based on the redemption of history and the
past, free of the shackles of inherited inequities. Our legacy to the
future must be based on the rectification of the painful legacies of the

Sisters and brothers, Never before has an occupation army imposed such
a total and suffocating siege on a captive civilian population, then
proceeded to shell their homes, bomb their infrastructure, assassinate
their activists and leaders, destroy their crops and trees, murder
their civilians at will, steal their lands, and then demand that they
acquiesce like lambs to the slaughter. Never before have the victims
been denied the right to articulate, and gain recognition for, the
horrendous atrocities being committed against them as a matter of
policy, but were rather blamed and punished for the fact of their

On behalf of the Palestinian people I appeal to you to have the
courage to intervene, to ensure that the oppressor is held accountable
and the victim is protected, to enact those principles and values that
not only protect lives but that also imbue life with the human
qualities that make it worth living. Despite our overwhelming pain, we
have not surrendered to the forces of occupation, colonization, racism,
and dehumanization - nor have we adopted their moral distortions. I ask
you also not to succumb, but to maintain and enhance the struggle for
dignity, equality, freedom, and justice as an act of collective
affirmation on behalf of humanity as a whole.



2 - Presseaussendung Know Your DATA!
von: NOborder NOnation <>


Betreff: Aufruf: Know your DATA! - join the "big DATA-repo"

VolxTheaterKarawane startet Kampagne zur Abfrage von
persönlichen Daten
bei Innenministerium, Bundespolizeidirektion und Außenministerium

Im März 2001 stellte der Verfassungsgerichtshof in einem Erkenntnis
fest, dass die Sicherheitsbehörden verpflichtet sind, Daten, die für
laufenden Verfahren nicht mehr benötigt werden, die veraltet oder
unaktuell sind, zu löschen. Das Innenministeriums läßt am
17. August 2001 durch Herrn Gollia verlautbaren, daß die Behörde
nicht imstande sei, diesem Erkenntnis des Verfassungsgerichtshofes


Achtung Versteckte Kamera! Es kann alle erwischen. Ob
Falschparken, Schwarzfahren (Achtung Black Block-Gefahr!),
Grenzkontrolle, Surfverhalten im Internet bis zur Demoteillnahme ...
lle Daten werden gespeichert ... alle kann es betreffen ...
und Einfluss auf die Datenverwendung hat der Weihnachtsmann?

Deshalb startet die VolxTheaterKarawane eine Kampagne, um
diese Daten abzufragen und später auf deren Löschung hinzuwirken.
Die Ministerien sollen in Anfragen zur Daten-Reposession untergehen
(im Idealfall). Wir fordern alle auf, sich am "big DATA-repo" zu beteiligen.

Stop the DATA-spectre!

Anlaß für die Kampagne: 25 Mitglieder der Internationalen VolxTheater
Karawane "NO BORDER - NO NATION" waren mehr als 3 Wochen
im Gefängnis, weil Daten aus österreichischen Polizeicomputern an
Behörden weitergegeben wurden. Im Akt des italienischen Gerichts liest sich
die daraus resultierende Konstruktion so, daß laut Auskunft des
österreichischen Innenministeriums die VolxTheaterKarawane "gewaltbereit
(ist) und in Zusammenhang mit dem "Black Block" steht". Die
Datenweitergabe war auch der Auslöser für die Verhaftung! Die
Außenministerin Benita Ferrero-Waldner meinte am 27. Juli, sie habe
Informationen aus dem Innenministerium, daß einige der verhafteten
ÖsterreicherInnen der gewaltbereiten Szene zuzuordnen seien und sich
nicht wundern dürften, verhaftet zu werden. Das stinkt nach Mißbrauch
der Geheimhaltungspflicht, Bruch der Amtsverschwiegenheit und der
widerrechtlichen Datenweitergabe.

Politische Dimension:

Die EU bereitet eine politische Geheimpolizei vor, die Daten aller
kritischen Menschen zur Kriminalsierung verwenden kann. Durch
Überwachung und Speicherung von Informationen in nationalen
Datenbanken sollen Überwachungsmaßnahmen gerechtfertigt werden.
Zur "Identifikation" von "Personen oder Gruppen, die eine Bedrohung
für die öffentliche Ordnung und Sicherheit darstellen können", genügt
bereits der bloße Verdacht. "Maßnahmen" können dann von Kontrolle
des Mailverkehrs und des Surfverhaltens bis zur Video-Überwachung
und zum Telefon-Anzapfen gehen. Auch die sogenannte "Voraufklärung"
soll verbessert werden. Polizeibehörden und Nachrichtendienste sollen
künftig im Vorfeld entsprechende Gruppen in ganz Europa beobachten.
Am 13. Juli 2001 - noch vor Genua - beschloß der europäische Rat für
Justiz und Inneres bespielsweise die Einrichtung einer europaweiten
Datei "SIRENE" von mißliebigen Personen.

DATA-repo bedeutet:

1. Anträge auf Datenauskunft beim Innenministerium,
Außenministerium, Bundespolizeidirektion . Antragsformulare dazu auf
der homepage der ARGE Daten ( und bald
2. Antrag auf Richtigstellung oder Löschung der Daten
3. Falls obige Schritte zu keinem zufriedenstellenden Ergebnis führen,
Beschwerde bei der Datenschutzkommission über ARGE Daten
4. Falls auch dieser Schritt erfolglos bleibt, Beschwerde beim
5. Danach: Beschwerde beim europäischen Gerichtshof

Die VolxTheaterKarawane ist ab sofort jeden Montag, Mittwoch und
Freitag von 10 - 15 Uhr unter der Tel.Nr. (01) 40 121 55 zu erreichenN
ähere Informationen unter

Im Übrigen unterstützen wir den Denkmalschutz der Botschaft Besorgter
BürgerInnen und fordern nach wie vor die sofortige Freilassung aller im
Zuge des G8-Gipfels Inhaftierten.

VolxTheaterKarawane, 31.8.2001

3 - Freiheit de Medien im Iran
von: Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous <>
30th Aug 2001
Workers Left Unity Iran Condemns arrest of Women Film Director

At a time when Iranian cinema is celebrated for ist innovative and
artistic productions, one of Iran's leading directors , Tahmineh Milani
was arrsted on the 28th of August after being summoned to the
Revolutionary court in Tehran.
Milani whose films include, the internationally acclaimed Two Women,
has recently produced a new film, The Hidden half, covering the lives of
10 leftist political activists facing repression under the Islamic
In a recent interview she said everything in the film was true and at
least 10 of her leftist friends had been executed.
Workers Left Unity Iran, strongly condemns the arrest of Mrs Milani and
calls on all admirers of Iranian cinema, human rights organistaions and
trade unions especially Equity and NUJ in the UK to call for her
immediate, unconditional release.
Fax 004631 139897 00448701257959
4 - Das Todesfasten dauert an
von: <>
Izolasyon Iskencesine Karsi Mücadele Komitesi
Komitee gegen Isolationshaft
Comitee for Struggle against Torture through Isolation
tel/ fax.:0049 / 40 / 28053625 Adr.: Kreuzweg 12 - 20099 Hamburg
Kontoverbindung; Postbank/ Hamburg Kto-Nr: 79 966 205 BLZ: 200 100 20
Internet.: E-Mail.:

Hamburg, den 30.08.2001


In allen F-Typen und Krankenhäuser... Istanbul&#8230;Ankara&#8230;
Yozgat....Zürich...... Lübeck...Wien ...Butzbach...
Hamburg... Aachen...Köln...Paris....

Das Todesfasten setzt sich mit zunehmender Teilnahme am 315 .Tag
und draussen fort.

Seit mehreren Wochen ist das Armenviertel in Armutlu von der Polizei und
den Soldaten umzingelt.Hier findet der Solidaritätshungerstreik und das
Todesfasten von TAYAD Angehörigen und mehreren freigelassene Gefangenen

Das Haus in Alibeyköy, in dem sich Todesfastende aufhalten,ist
von der Polizei umzingelt.


Hülya Simsek: TAYAD Angehörige. Im 285. Tag ihres Todesfastens.

Arzu Güler: TAYAD Angehörige. Im 90. Tag ihres Todesfastens.

Resit Sari: TAYAD Angehöriger. Im 263. Tag seines Todesfastens.

Abdulbari Yusufoglu: TAYAD Angehöriger. Begann seinen Hungerstreik in
Izmir und setzt ihn nun am 114. Tag in Armutlu fort.

Zeynep Arikan: Von der ersten Gruppe der Todesfastenden. Nach ihrer
bedingten Freilassung setzt sie ihr Todesfasten in Armutlu seit 315.
Tagen fort.

Ümüs Sahingöz: Von der ersten Gruppe der Todesfastenden. Nach ihrer
bedingten Freilassung setzt sie ihr Todesfasten nun in Armutlu seit 315
Tagen fort.

Madimak Özen: Nach der Zwangsernährung kam sie erneut zu Bewußsein.
Hiernach begann sie im Krankenhaus erneut mit ihrem Hungerstreik. Nach
ihrer bedingten Freilassung setzt sie ihr Todesfasten nun seit 101 Tagen
in Armutlu fort.

Gülay Kavak: Nachdem sie nach der Zwangsernährung zu Bewußsein kam,
begann sie erneut mit dem Hungerstreik. Sie befindet sich in Armutlu
seit 60. Tagen im Hungerstreik.

Gamze Turan: Von der 4. Gruppe der Todesfastenden. Nach ihrer
Freilassung setzt sie ihr Todesfasten nun in Armutlu am 139. Tag fort.

Ali Riza Demir: Von der ersten Gruppe der Todesfastenden. Nach seiner
Freilassung setzt er sein Todesfasten nun seit 315. Tagen in Armutlu

Hüseyin Akpinar: Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung
begann er erneut mit dem Hungerstreik in Armutlu. Er befindet sich im
49. Tag seines Hungerstreiks.

Dursun Ali Pekin: Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung
begann er erneut in Armutlu mit seinem Hungerstreik. Er befindet sich im
51. Tag seines Hungerstreiks.

Ferhat Ertürk: Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung
begann er erneut in Armutlu mit seinem Hungerstreik. Er befindet sich im
51. Tag seines Hungerstreiks.

Ulas Bütün: Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung
begann er in Armutlu erneut mit dem Hungerstreik. Er befindet sich im
53. Tag seines Hungerstreiks.

Halil Aksu: Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung
begann er erneut mit dem Todesfasten und setzt ihn nun am 50. Tag fort.

Özkan Güzel: Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung
begann er erneut mit dem Todesfasten. Er befindet sich am 34. Tag des

Nurgül Kayapinar: Nach ihrer Freilassung aus dem Kartal Gefängnis begann
sie mit der 6. Einheit ihren Hungerstreik. Sie befindet sich am 34. Tag
ihres Todesfastens.

Serkan Günes: TAYAD Angehöriger. Befindet sich am 41. Tag seines


Sabri Diri: Von der 4. Gruppe der Todesfastenden. Nach der
Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung begann er in Alibeyköy
erneut mit dem Hungerstreik. Er befindet sich im 111. Tag seines

Tekin Yildiz: Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung
begann er erneut mit dem Todesfasten. Er befindet sich am 41. Tag des

Aydin Hambayat: Von der 4. Todesfastengruppe. Nach der Entlassung führte
er sein Todesfasten am 111. Tag fort.


Özlem Durakcan: Von den TAYAD Angehörigen. Begann ihr Todesfasten in
Ankara. Befindet sich am 45. Tag ihres Todesfastens.

Ayse Bastimur: Von der ersten Gruppe der Todesfastenden. Nach ihrer
bedingten Freilassung setzt sie ihr Todesfasten in Ankara in einer
Wohnung mit Özlem Durakcan zusammen seit 312 Tagen fort.


Tuncay Sönmez: Von den TAYAD Angehörigen. Befindet sich im 34. Tag
seines Todesfastens.


Sükran Sahin: Von den TAYAD Angehörigen. Befindet sich im 30. Tag ihres


Von der 4.Todesfastengruppe. Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten
Freilassung begann er in Bursa erneut mit dem Todesfasten. Er befindet
sich am 42.Tag des Todesfastens.

Tekin Yildiz: Nach der Zwangsernährung und der bedingten Freilassung
begann er erneut mit dem Todesfasten. Er befindet sich am 41. Tag des

Aydin Hambayat: Von der 4. Todesfastengruppe. Nach der Entlassung führte
er sein Todesfasten am 111. Tag fort.


In Zürich befindet sich Cemile Ayyildiz seit 51. Tagen im unbefristeten
Hungerstreik in der Basel clara platz.

In Wien wird seit dem 4. August der 45 tägige Hungerstreik fortgesetzt.

In Köln hat am 11. August ein 45 tägiges Solidaritätshungestreik
begonnen, an der sich ca. 16 Personen beteiligen.Heute ist der 19. Tag.

In dem Gefängnis in Butzbach befindet sich Inan Altun seit dem 15.
August in einen unbefristeten Hungerstreik.

Santa Fu/Hamburg
Ilhan Yelkuvan ist in einem zwanzig-tägigen Hungerstreik eingetreten.

Rainer Dittrich setzt sein Soli-Hungerstreik in dem Gefängnis in Lübeck
ununterbrochen fort.

Der politische Gefangene Erdogan Cakir hat erklärt, dass er ab dem
20.August in einem unbefristeten Hungerstreik eingetreten ist.Heute ist
der 10.Tag.

Ýn dem Gefängnis in Paris befindet sich Þefik Sarýkaya seit 27.August in
einen unbefristeten Hungerstreik.



5 - applauded for insulting Ghandhi
von: Andreas Goerg <>
Gold and one meter long, phallus is brand-new technology to control
distant workers

Anti-WTO impostors have struck again, delivering a lecture about the
rights of slavery, the stupidity of Gandhi, and the supremacy of free
trade to an enthusiastic crowd of scientists, engineers, and marketing
professionals--all of whom thought they were watching an official WTO

The 150 experts at the "Textiles of the Future" conference in Tampere,
Finland heard one Hank Hardy Unruh explain that Gandhi's "self-
sufficiency" movement was entirely misguided, because it centered
around protectionism, and that Lincoln, by outlawing slavery, had
criminally interfered with the trade freedom of the South, as well as
with slavery's own freedom to develop naturally. Had slavery never
been abolished, Unruh said, today's much cheaper system of sweatshops
would have eventually replaced it anyhow; following this free-market
logic to the end, Unruh declared the Civil War just a big waste of

Finally, to applause from the highly educated audience, Unruh's
business suit was ripped off to reveal a golden leotard with a
three-foot-long phallus. The purpose of the "Management Leisure Suit",
he explained, was to allow managers, no matter where they were, to
monitor their distant, impoverished workforces and to administer
shocks to encourage productivity--assuring that no "Gandhi-type
situation" develop again.

"If a group of Ph.D.s cheers at such crudely crazy things, just
because it's the WTO saying them, what else can the WTO get away
with?" said Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men, the impostors' umbrella
group. (The entire PowerPoint lecture is available at, along with some shots captured by
a video crew preparing a film on the Yes Men's activities.)

The Yes Men had a similar experience last October with a group of
international trade lawyers ( And in
July, a member of the group, again passing as a representative of the
WTO, appeared on a major television network show about protest's
effect on the market (; among other
things, he spoke about how the privatization of education will
naturally eliminate "unproductive" thinkers from the high-school
classroom, a long-term solution to the problem of protest. (Because
the imposture was not noticed and the Yes Men hope for further
appearances, the show's name is being withheld.)

In other quarterly developments:

* A conference session on techniques to counter anti-corporate
activism, normally available for $225 to corporate clients, is
available to activists for free at, thanks to
an anonymous donor.

* At the G8 protests in Genoa, activists distributed one thousand
vanity mirrors, which were then used to reflect the sun into the eyes
of attacking policemen; this fulfilled RTMark project MIRR
(, and those who carried it out
received a $1,000 anonymous investment.

The "Archimedes Project" comes on the heels of the medieval catapult
attack on the FTAA fortress in Quebec City, for which the workers were
awarded $200. For the upcoming IMF protests in Washington, D.C., on
September 29, an RTMark investor has offered $500 to any Lacrosse
team that harnesses their skills and equipment to throw tear gas
canisters back to the police (

* A software development kit and book from,
entitled "Child as Audience", allows anyone to reverse-engineer the
Nintendo Gameboy. Because of content that many will find
objectionable, RTMark has lent its corporate veil to the project,
meaning that any legal flak will be absorbed by the RTMark corporate
body rather than by those responsible.

* The same label that enraged Geffen Records with "Deconstructing
Beck" is issuing its fourth RTMark-sponsored release, "A Mutated
Christmas," a paean to musical sharing illegally assembled from
copyrighted holiday music. Promotional copies will be available in
late September; press and radio requests should be directed to

RTMark's primary goal is to publicize corporate subversion of the
democratic process. To this end it acts as a clearinghouse for
anti-corporate projects. A list of just-added projects is maintained

# 30 #

This message is not commercial. Get off our list by writing
If you are receiving multiple copies of this release and would
rather receive only one, remove as above all versions but one.

6 - Unis/Mitbestimmung/Kahr/KPÖ
von: Parteder Franz <>
Tel. 03 16 / 71 24 36
Fax 03 16 / 71 62 91
KPÖ Steiermark
Lagergasse 98a
8020 Graz

Freitag, 31. August 2001
Presseinformation der KPÖ Steiermark
Elke Kahr: Mitbestimmung ist kein Schrott!
KPÖ unterstützt Proteste gegen die Regierungspläne für die Unis

Anfang nächster Woche sollen die ausführlicheren Vorstellungen des
Bildungsministeriums zur Änderung des österreichischen Universitätssystems
veröffentlicht werden. Seine von Frau Minister Gehrer Anfang August im
Ministerrat vorgetragenen Eckpunkte zeigen aber schon die Richtung. Deshalb
betonte die Grazer KPÖ-Klubobfrau Elke Kahr am Freitag die Haltung ihrer
Partei: "Mitbestimmung an den Universitäten ist kein Schrott, Bildung darf
nicht unmittelbar den Verwertungsbedürfnissen des Kapitals untergeordnet
werden. Die sogenannte Standortbereinigung darf zu keiner Schwächung des
Universitätsstandortes Graz führen.
Die Probleme der Universitäten als wichtigster tertiärer Bildungseinrichtung
und bedeutender wissenschaftlicher Forschungsstätte müssen zuerst analysiert
und in internationalem Vergleich bewertet werden, anstatt in Fortführung
einer unsäglichen Privatisierungsmode den Universitäten innerhalb weniger
Jahre die zweite, noch weitergehende Umstrukturierung aufzuzwingen.
Betriebsähnliche Strukturen mit professoralen Aufsichtsräten sollen mit dem
'Schrott der Mitbestimmung, diesem Relikt der '68er', aufräumen und moderne,
autonome 'Weltklasse-Universitäten' schaffen. 'Wissenschaft verträgt keine
Demokratie', tönen Spitzenwissenschafter als Vorsinger; sie irren!
Wissenschaftliche Theorien werden zwar nicht durch Abstimmung bestätigt, für
Wissenschaftsorganisation ist aber die selbstbestimmte Mitwirkung aller
Beteiligten nicht nur notwendig, sondern sogar Voraussetzung: Die
Universitäten funktionieren nur auf Grund des überdurchschnittlichen
Engagements ihrer Mitglieder und durch die Begeisterung für Wissenschaft und
Forschung von Universitätslehrern und Studenten.
Da es tatsächlich keine Mängelfeststellung für das erst kürzlich wirksam
gewordene neue Universitätsorganisationsgesetz gibt, wird die eigentliche
Zielvorgabe für die neuerlichen Änderungen hinter dem Nebel von Autonomie
und New Public Management deutlich: Die öffentlichen Ausgaben für Bildung
sind zu kürzen, mit Hilfe von Standortbereinigungen das Bildungsangebot
österreichweit zu 'rationalisieren', d.h. zu verkleinern, und zusätzliche
Ausgaben privaten, nichtuniversitären Einrichtungen zufließen zu lassen.
Das firmiert dann als 'Beitrag der Bildung zur Erreichung des Nulldefizits'!
Im öffentlichen Interesse zur Sicherung hochqualifizierter Arbeitsplätze und
im Interesse der jungen Studenten und ihrer Eltern liegt aber ein Ausbau des
öffentlichen Bildungswesens, nicht ein zurückgestutztes Elitesystem für die
Oberen Zehntausend .

Elke Kahr: "Wir wenden uns gegen die beschlossenen Studiengebühren, gegen
die Auswirkungen des neuen Dienstrechts für Hochschullehrer, gegen die
geplante Standortbereinigung unter dem Deckmantel der Schwerpunktsetzung,
und gegen die Privatisierung der Universitäten mit dem Etikettenschwindel
der Erweiterung der Autonomie . Um diese Angriffe abzuwehren, ist ein
wirksamer Widerstand der Universitätslehrer, der Studenten, der
Gewerkschaften, und nicht zuletzt auch der kommunalen Vertreter
Bildung darf nicht wieder zum Privileg finanziell Begüterter werden!"
7 - WCAR Berichte
von: asylkoordination <>

List of the articles today:***Editorial***Many faces of a world
conference***European caucus***Media briefing, 28/08/01***Thematical
commission 6 - Slavery and slave trade***Quotes of the day***

The NGO Forum opened with Panels (on Colonialism), Thematical
and Roundtables. The issues were interesting enough but somehow it
that the Israeli-Palestinian question was raised at the same time in
several workshops. The way it was done was not quite along the hopeful
statements of President Mbeki and Mary Robinson earlier that day.

Of course there will be disputes and of course it is impossible to find
solution for a very complicated situation at an NGO Forum, in fact at
NGO Forum. But NGO's often find ways to build bridges and figure out a
joint way to address serious problems. But the tone that was used here,
the way people were addressed -from either side- was not too pleasant.
There seemed no search for common ground but only the highlighting of
differences -at times at the sharpest way possible-, this will not do
issue any good. Moreover; it may be that the many, many other themes
are as important, are overshadowed by this one, or better: by the way it
being discussed. I sincerely hope that all who are concerned just do
this conference should be about: treat each other with respect.
Ralph du Long

Many faces of a world conference
The 27th of August; a day of accreditation , trying to find information,

the relief of being registered and then the relaxation in the pleasant
of music and culture. This was the first day in Durban, at the NGO
On Monday already many people were there, using the opportunity to meet
other people without the hazards of trying to follow all the workshops,
thematical sessions and side-events.
For one group though it was already hard work. At the Youth Summit young

people discussed most of the themes that will be addressed at the NGO
and the WCAR. 'We see this as an event but more work needs to be done
afterwards. People in our community, black and white should integrate
more'. Trevor Senzo Msanara works on Racism and Aids awareness in the
Durban communities. He gives a picture of hope that good things will
out the Youth Summit. Chadia Azarual, is a member of the Dutch Youth.
states: 'much has already been decided upon, and our influence to change
is not too big'. She hopes that respect will win from racism. Many
already there on Monday, many more came on Tuesday the 28th, at the
official opening of the NGO Forum. The many faces of this conference
reflected in the presence of musicians and politicians, dancers and
speakers, and of course in the presence of thousands of people from all
over the world. The president of SANGOCO, Mercia Andrews, asked
for the linkage between the many forms of suppression in past and
and the rights of all people to be free from that. UN High Commissioner
Mary Robinson, reminded the NGO's that influence can be taken upon the
if the NGO's succeed in producing a joint declaration. In her opening
statement she made it clear that this conference is not about the rights
a few but about the rights of many, and that these voices should be
too. Given the difficult road that has led to Durban she asked the
'Some people called me an optimist, am I ? Show me I am not at the end
your Forum'. President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa challenged the NGO's
his way. He stated; 'the central question that you, the delegates and
participants, will have to answer in the clearest way possible is- what
to be done ! ' And: 'the responsibility rests with us to ensure that
mobilize the peoples of the world to act together in unity and
to defeat and bury the demon racism. Billions across our common globe
depend on you to produce this result and thus affirm, in practice, that
every human being, regardless of race, colour, origin or gender is
to human dignity'. With these messages, and dance and music the NGO
was opened.

European caucus
The issue today in the European Caucus was regarding the NGO Declaration

and Program of Action for the WCAR, handed out to the media
in the info-pack. This is a continuation of the idea raised in the
International NGO Caucus and was meant to bring a clarification.
a serious mistake was made. The draft document, included in the
was not exactly what the ISC expected to be. They noticed that the
of their 3rd prep meeting held in Geneva was not included, and the
presented to the media was a bit confusing for the people involved in
preparation. Therefore, the European NGOs proposed that an official
petition would signalise the media on the facts. They questioned the
process of drafting the document and even the fact that it was not
mentioned that the document is still a draft. There was a confirmation
the ISC that SANGOCO received by e-mail the draft document issued in the

3rd prep meeting in Geneva. Therefore it should have been included in
documents that were handed out to the participants. The error causing
to be otherwise was regretted. European NGOs' voices were heard that "we

should be more co-operative with each other", and "we should share the
information we have, although it is not complete". Maria Miguel Sierra
(ENAR), involved in the drafting process in the European Preparatory
Conference and in the preparatory meetings in Geneva, said that there is
real lack of information. It is difficult to follow the process of
drafting. At the moment that there is no clear information - who is
deciding, what is decided, etc. International Non-Governmental
Organisations can initiate a process to express their concern to the ICS

about what is happening. What we can do? Her answer was: "We have to
sure that the commissions are leaded in the right way, report correctly,

and the right information is included in the final document!" Let's hope

that it will work! In order to ensure this, it was decided that an
petition would be worked out and the European Caucus would meet everyday
10.00 hours, to give feedback on this process and to discuss the
situation. Media briefing, 28/08/01, after-noon.

Representatives of the organizing committee stated that at a conference
like this would not meet everybody's expectations. It was underlined
it is important for the moment to manage to have a final document: a 10
years plan of action. An observation has been made that the panel
discussion bringing issues like: the conflict in Palestine, Cast
discrimination, etc. showed that the people are not as united as they
have been. Their concern was how to discuss common platforms in a world
that is so divided? So, it was stated that the role of the NGO's is to
share experiences and to gain a global solidarity. At the questions from

the media representatives, attention was given to the indigenous people
issue, mentioning that the organising committee did a lot of efforts
from previous prep-meetings) to include it in this topic in the final
document. Referring to the just finished Youth Summit, it was mentioned
that 800 young people participated (on only 500 places available), and
general characteristic was: enthusiasm, motivation and lively debates,
which concluded in the key remark: "Stop speaking to young people, start

listening to young people!" Referring to the technical issues on the NGO

Forum - the complete list of the NGOs inscribed (country, name of NGO
name of the delegates) will be made available after the conference
with the final document. The documents/speeches will be translated and
circulated as soon as possible.

Thematical commission 6 - Slavery and slave trade
This meeting got the interest of a great number of people. Since the
subject is considered a 'top' issue of the discussions in WCAR, as
expected, the meeting had a very animated atmosphere. Meaning not only
vivid reactions from the public (applauses, encouragements, shouting
slogans) but also a big cue for interventions and spontaneous comments
made. The content was rich, and we can give you some examples of the
·'Imperialism still continues' said a speaker from Tanzania;
·'Slavery started for economy reasons and still exists - than, what is
reason for us being present here?!';
·A solution to get out of the situation: 'to empower the networking on
African continent, so it will become a united continent';
·African people should continue documenting their own history and
out about their problems;
·'Slavery and slave trade is a crime against humanity' - was agreed by
everyone 'and this should never repeat in any way'!
On one fact we can be sure: that the input for the final document was
definitely consistent! The exact minutes of the meeting can be found on
August here on ICARE!

Quotes of the day:
" we should stop talking to the youth and we should start listening to

" people should mix more, we are mixed up too".

"This is the Lady from the phone company in charge of racism"

"I hope here all my dreams will come true "

That's it for today!

More on

best regards,
ICARE Newsteam English, Durban.

List of the articles today***Editorial:Palestinians and Jews***Interview

with mr Asraf Saif***Interview with Michael Gransdorff***Videobite:A
peaceful solution***Rather nasty and stupid***May the force be with
the meantime who has the power..?***Disability caucus:No access, unseen,



Palestinians and Jews.
Today was a day that saw the strongly expressed disputes between the
Palestinians and Jews continued. This time in the form of a newly
info-stand from the World Union of Jewish Students and the counter
of Palestinians with a demonstration. For a couple of hours shouting and

counter-shouting, singing and counter-singing and an occasional
almost-fighting between participants ruled the surroundings of the media

tent. Later that day there were TCs (Technical Commissions ) on
Anti-Semitism and Palestinians.
This edition, like the NGO Forum, is dominated by this issue. We have a
number of articles and a video-bite.
But as we wrote yesterday; there are numerous other people that have
important messages too, and need attention for their causes. Therefore
will keep covering the Jewish-Palestinian issue but in a far more modest

way. We will concentrate more on the unknown issues. A World Conference
Racism is a very rare event, too rare to have all its attention having
consumed by the well known disputes that should have not been brought to

this WCAR in the first place.

Ralph du Long.

Disability caucus - No access, unseen, unheard
Between pavilion 3 and 4 a group of ten people held their meeting in the

open air. Here the disability group finalizing the work on their part of

the NGO declaration. The meeting was perhaps characteristic for the way
disabled are being treated at the conference. Already disadvantaged
of deafness, blindness and/or physical disability this group faces even
more problems than the 'regular' participants. Ms Mittha Medupe, from
Iketletseng for Disabled and mr Tshepo Mogotsi, from the Disabled Youth
South Africa, tell some of their experiences. Both are disabled and use
wheelchairs. Did you visit the various pavilions on the venue? No, we
not. They are not accessible for us. The tents are situated in such a
that is impossible for us to visit them. So, we don't know what is going
there and therefore it is difficult for us to stay informed. We already
problems with interpretation. In our group are deaf people and for them
is not possible to follow general meetings. For the blind in our group
had to organize our own translation for documents in Braille on our own
costs. At the Youth Summit a man that has great difficulties to speak
just ignored, he wanted to contribute but was neither able nor listened
If we want to use the bathrooms, we have to wait very long. The toilets
not suitable for wheelchair users. It means that the doors cannot be
closed. We have to use them with open doors. Transportation is very
difficult too, for us it is troublesome to move from one place to
This is a world conference and should be organized of world class, but
for us. As black disabled people have to deal with the many problems
come with multiple discrimination. But black or white, disabled face the

same obstacles in any county. People must be aware that we are humans.
do you hope comes out of this conference? Disability should be visible
our rights must be acknowledged. The way this conference is orgrganized
makes it very clear that still much awareness needs to be raised.

Rather nasty and stupid
The Thematical commission (TC) today on Antisemitism can be
as a ' defensive operation' . Rightly so since the Jewish NGOs here have

been pushed into the defence, under attack as they are. While this is a
conference against racism, for a lot of Jewish people here it is more
an exercise in Antisemitism and exclusion. Jews present at TCs are not
allowed to speak when Palestinian NGOs talk about their cause. Some are
even shouted down, accused of being ' perpetrators of racism'.
cartoons are being spread around which look like they have been
from the infamous Nazi sheet "Der Stürmer". Yesterday fistfights nearly
broke out in one of the Thematical Commissions. The TC on Antisemitism
today dealt mostly with Antisemitism and Holocaust denial spread by
official Palestinian Authority media. Jews are under attack for what the

state of Israel does, while nobody bothers with the blatant Antisemitism
the Palestinian Authority, nobody bothers about the way the Palestinian
NGOs are taking over Thematical Commissions and try to exclude Jews from

the process, nobody bothers with the open support the organizers of the
Forum give to all this. I'd rather have heard something about
in other parts of the world since unfortunately it is on the rise
But when you are under attack for something you are not responsible for,

you can try to ignore that but it is very hard. If you are excluded and
discriminated because you are Jewish, during a World Conference Against
Racism, that is devastating and mind-boggling. The fact that the
of the conference allow this, that we all allow this, is in my opinion
discrediting the whole NGO forum. Zionism is the right of the Jewish
on self-determination as all people, including the Palestinians, have a
right to self-determination. To equate Zionism with racism is rather
and stupid, as it is equally nasty and stupid to equate the right of the

Palestinians on their own self-determination with racism. To me,
Antizionism as it is practiced here on this conference is no more than
Antisemitism in disguise. After a few hours the meeting broke up in
workgroups and just by coincidence, in all workgroups Palestinians and
sympathizers also took place. Normal proceedings were for a time quite
impossible. Lots of shouting. Miraculously, the moment the press, who
hovering with lots of photo -and film camera's, lost interest and went
away, all behaved again and some normal discussions and even a dialogue
about Antisemitism was possible between Palestinians and Jews. So there
hope? Of course. But not here on this conference.

Ronald Eissens

May the force be with us the meantime who has the power..?
The confusion about the 'real' version of the draft Declaration and
of Action (PoA) continued today. As did the process of how to submit
to the drafting committee. Lets start with what is the 'real' version of

the Declaration and PoA. During PrepCom 3 in Geneva first a draft was
presented which caused a lot of NGOs to be rather upset A. because they
couldn't find their submissions in it and B. NGOs took offence to the
language in the document. After some frantic negotiations everyone
re-submitted their comments and a new version was made, which would
function as the working draft for Durban. Due to a mishap the version
got translated and printed for here in Durban was not the last version
of Geneva but the earlier one, without the amendments. This caused quit
stir yesterday. In the afternoon yesterday the International Steering
Committee (ISC) issued a statement explaining about the error which
occurred and also that the 'real' draft would be distributed to the
Thematical Commissions (TC) later that day. As I understand it all TCs
received a copy of the Preamble (which outlines the documents in broad
terms) and each individual TC received those paragraphs from both
documents, relevant to their theme. Which brings me to how language and
issues can be submitted to the drafting committee. As the drafting
committee are 8 people who, by now, have until Friday morning to finish
both documents, there's no way they can take comments from 8000 people.
you take your contribution to the appropriate TC and the rapporteur of
TC makes a two page document which goes to the drafters. So far no
right? Wrong! Very few people at the Forum know how it works and they're

still being presented with the wrong version of the draft. Although on
surface one would say that responsibility for the content is on the
of the ISC -as they are the NGO community elected body- SANGOCO finds it

difficult to be just in charge of logistical matters. Who could blame
As a NGO coalition of course they have a political stake and their
they want into Declaration and PoA and it's to much to ask of any
organization to just forget their own agenda and confine themselves to
taking care of interpretation and tents. Unfortunately the power is with

those who control the infrastructure, so at this point in time that
the process. I do not blame it on SANGOCO nor on the ISC. I think the UN

should take their responsibility as they are the ones who appointed
and than left them out in the cold. Not only them, also the whole NGO
community and ultimately the NGO Declaration and PoA have to suffer the
possible consequences.

Suzette Bronkhorst

List of the articles today***Editorial:...Stay engaged and keep up the
fight!"***Sexual Orientation***Videobite of the day:Interview with
(Roy) Kennedy***Dalits***Youth and children*** Interview with Mr. Tom
Goldtooth, National Director of the Indigenous Environmental
Network***Asian and Asian descendants***


".Stay engaged and keep up the fight!"This was the message received
from the Secretary General of UN, mr Kofi Annan, during his speech for
NGO Forum. He mentioned how important it is that NGOs work in
with the UN against racism. As a concrete plan he suggested that NGOs
should produce together with UNO an annual report on racism. This report

should comprise not only the reflection of the existing violence and
discrimination, but also the good practices from different countries.
the next step is to introduce these practices in regions where the
is still present. So, action! Some had the opportunity to ask questions.

They covered a large spectrum of issues: indigenous people, reparations,

caste and Dalit issue, colonialism, gender and intersection of gender
racial issue, implementation and monitoring the conference's follow up.
Although he didn't answer to all the questions (like the Palestinian
for instance), Mr Kofi Annan promised that they will be on the agenda of

the Governmental Conference and all of them will be approached. The
documents adopted in this conference will do nothing, said the UN
General, unless the representatives here present will continue the work
will lobby the governments back home, trying to implement what they
promised. A clear invitation to action!

Anca S..

Youth and children
"We are not here for confrontation, we are here for progress!"
With these words young people started the session that concerns their
issues. Clearly they are not in favor of long introductionary talking,
for direct input towards the plan of action. During the works in the
commission, a lack of representation was noticed - not too many people
present and not from all regions. Anyway, those who were present were
to tackle the issues the most important for them: indigenous youth,
participation, youth exchanges, descendants of immigrants, children
children involved in wars (children-soldiers), etc. Some participants
asked questions to the resource persons, some others already prepared
reports and comments to be added in the final document. All their notes
will be taken in consideration by the drafting committee for the plan of

action and will be added to the results of Youth Summit.

More on the site:

8 - Wiesenthal Center on the UN-Conference in Durban
von: Baltic News Watch <>

Samuel Laster,,

August 29, 2001 -Durban, South Africa--The Wiesenthal Center, together with
20 other Jewish organizations from around the world participating in the UN
World Conference on Racism, held a press conference today to condemn the
continuing insistence on labeling Zionism as racism in official documents.

The groups also chastised the allowing of the Arab Lawyers Union, an NGO
based in Cairo, to use their booth to distribute antisemitic booklets
replete with Nazi imagery and anti-Jewish stereotypes. Mary Robinson, the UN High
Commissioner for Human Rights and Secretary General for the Conference,
condemned the distribution of these booklets, saying, 'When it comes to
this, I am a Jew.' Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Wiesenthal Center,
and one of the Center's delegates to Durban, spoke at the press conference.

'There was an aggressive, almost physical counterattack by extremists in
the Palestinian camp who tried to interrupt the press conference,' he said,
adding that, 'the real issue as far as the Jewish community is concerned, is that
world Jewry has every right to be heard. We're here to promote civil society. We even expect our opponents to be,
what we say, menschen.' He described the atmosphere at this point in the conference as
tremendously tense, but in the face of that, "it is extraordinarily important among world
leaders and NGOs who deal with human rights for the Jewish world to be fully
represented.' The Wiesenthal Center delegation to Durban consists of: Rabbi Abraham
Cooper, associate dean of the Center; Dr. Shimon Samuels, the Center's Director for
International Liaison and head of the Jewish Caucus at the Conference; and
Sergio Widder, who is the Center's Latin American Representative.

August 28, 2001 -Durban, South Africa-- Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean
of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Dr. Shimon Samuels, the Center's Director
for International Liaison were on hand for presentations at a forum for NGOs
(Non- Governmental Organizations) convening prior to this Friday's start of the
United Nations World Conference on Racism in Durban. Rabbi Cooper dedicated his
presentation to the memory of Judith Greenbaum, the 31-year old teacher originally from Los
Angeles, who was murdered in the Sbarro Pizzeria suicide bombing earlier this month.
Rabbi Cooper's presentation, given on behalf of the Wiesenthal Center, focused on
officially sanctioned, but expressed antisemitism in the Palestinian Authority, and was given to a
group of about 300 members of various NGOs and the media as well as Palestinian
activists and others from the Arab world.

'There is still great tension here at the conference in terms of the final
documents for the non-governmental organizations and whether or not the documents would
continue to vilify Israel, to demonize Zionism and to accuse Israel of apartheid-like
actions. We will continue to be active in lobbying on this issue throughout the week,' said
Rabbi Cooper. On Friday of this week, the governmental conference will begin. 'The
Wiesenthal Center is in touch with the Bush Administration and other governments to do what we
can to pressure Kofi Annan to remove antisemitic and racist allusions to the Jewish
State in the governmental documents,' Cooper concluded.

© Copyright 2000 - 2001, Simon Wiesenthal Center 1399 South Roxbury, Los
California 90035

9 - Comunicato Stampa della VolxTheaterKarawane, 29.8.20
von: NOborder NOnation <>
Comunicato Stampa della VolxTheaterKarawane, 29.8.2001

Ogetto: Caos presso le autorità italiane interpretazioni bizzarre diverbali
d'intercettazione come base delle accuse contro la VolxtheaterKarawane.
La Karawane esige il rilascio di tutti i detenuti

Fiammiferi come bomba molotov: 18 persone ancora detenute

Anche se i membri della Karawane si trovano in libertà: sono 18 le
personeche ancora sono carcerati. 15 tedeschi, un italiano e da settimana
scorsa anche duecechi, accusati di aver fumato hascisc e di aver
trasportato nella loro macchina una tanica di benzina vuota e dellemagliette
nere. Le accuse contro i tedeschi non sono meno assurde di quelle contro
la Karawane: difar parte di una presunta organizzazione terroristica
internazionale di nome &quot;BlackBlock&quot;. Coltelli da cucina,
una cassetta di pronto soccorso, addirittura fiammiferi efiltri per
furono considerati come armi pericolose. In seguito all'accadutoa Genova
le autorità italiane sono disperatamente in cerca di capri espiatori
l'attenzione dal disastro poliziesco e politico del vertice dei G8. Dopo il
tentativo di dedurre da oggetti d'uso quotidiano (abbigliamenti neri,
attrezzaturada campeggio) e materiale scenico un presunto armamento,
tentativo per ora -fallito solamente grazie alla pr!
e pubblica e all'attenzione internazionale in riguardo alla VolxTheater
Karawane, la polizia italiana ore cercadi costruire conversazioni
per liberarsi della sua responsabilità.

"Verbali d'intercettazione" come strategia di confusione

Sono da considerare completamente vuote le affermazioni di alcuni
agentiitaliani, secondo le quali i detenuti avrebbero inventato i loro
maltrattamenti. Iltesto del verbale non permette per niente la deduzione
che le persone stesseroinventando maltrattamenti. Il verbale pubblicato
non contiene nessuna negazione degli attiviolenti compiuti dalla polizia.

Lo Stato di polizia contro l'opposizione extraparlamentare globale

Qual'è la cattiveria di una critica che si reca contro le riduzioni
didemocrazia, dei diritti fondamentali, contro una globalizzazione ridotta
ad aspettieconomici che minaccia l'esistenza delle persone? Perché si
considera infame la nostra critica del ormai sorpassato modello di
statonazionale con i suoi confini letteralmente micidiali? Qual'è il
criminenell'esigenza minima di togliere i debiti ai paesi dell'Asia,
e dell'America Latina? ... Apparentemente per il Consiglio Europeo degli
Interni e dellaGiustizia tutto ciò è molto cattivo, infame e criminale: già
prima diGenova, il 13 Luglio 2001, decise di reagire alle critiche con
i mezzi dello Stato di polizia:
- Offensive di spionaggio per proteggere l'abolizione di democrazia
- Osservazione della comunicazione elettronica e dell'uso dell'Internet
comeriduzione dei diritti umani
- Uso di spie poliziesche
- Unità paramilitari "anti-riot" per l'aumento della violenza della polizia
- Raccolta di dati degli attivisti contro la globalizzazione per
poternearrestare ancora di più

Picchiati a Seattle, gravemente feriti a Praga, colpiti a Goeteborg, uccisi
aGenova ... è qui che si riconosce la strategia d'escalazione. Non
rimangono altrerisposte alla critica politica?
Spetta all'oppinone pubblica, alle organizzazioni per i diritti umani,
alleiniziative di cultura e di teatro di intervenire con tutti i mezzi
pubblicistici,giuristici e sociali. La "VolxTheaterKarawane no border
no nation" tenterà di contriubuire a modo suo.

Rilascio di tutti i detenuti in seguito ai vertici di Genova e Goeteborg!
Diritti umani e diritto di esistenza per tutti! No allo Stato di polizia!

PS: Sosteniamo l'iniziativa "tre milioni per la Karawane" del
consiglierecomunale della FPÖ Rudolph. Infatti il valore del nostro
contributo può esserestimato a quell'altezza. Il Foundraising prima di
partire ci procurò 100.000 scellini circa, chiediamo di versare l'importo
mancante (2.900.000 ATS) sulnostro cc. 000 786 538 43 presso la
P.S.K. (uso: no border).

Per ulteriori informazioni:
Ufficio della VolxTheaterKarawane
Lunedì, Mercoledì e Venerdì dalle ore 10 alle 15
Telefono (0043) 1 40 121 55




10 - IS-Newsletter -Klassenkampf #29 jetzt online!
von: Christian <>
Der neue Klassenkampf (#29) ist ab sofort online lesbar unter Außerdem bieten wir ab sofort das
KK-OnlineAbo an. Einfach eine leere Mail mit dem Betreff "Onlineabo"
zurückschicken und Ihr bekommt ab sofort den neuesten KK als
PDF-Datei für den Acrobat-Reader (kostenlos im Netz) zugeschickt.
Falls Ihr diesen Newsletter nicht mehr bekommen wollt schickt bitte
ebenfalls eine leere Mail an diese Adresse zurück, diesmal jedich bitte
mit dem Betreff "abmelden".
DAS GROSSE FRESSEN - Der Imperialismus und die Verteilung der Welt
Titelthema Imperialismus:
Bush - Ein neuer Stil in der amerikanischen Politik
Krisengebiet Kaukasus
Krieg in Mazedonien
Generalangriff auf die Sozialhilfeempfänger - Nur auf diese?
Warum wir uns den Nazis auf der Straße entgegen stellen müssen
Der atomare Brennstoffkreislauf - Atombombenproduktion für den
Imperialismus Piloten'streik'- Proletarischer Kampf oder
kleinbürgerliches Verhandlungskalkül?
Sozialisten und die nationale Frage
Der Neue Markt
Abo und Kostenlose Leseprobe unter 0221/510 17 96 oder per E-Mail
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!
Christian - IS-Webmaster

11 - Dienstag: HOSI Wien für alle
von: Christian Hoegl <>
Startschuss im September
Dienstag: HOSI Wien für alle

Das HOSI-Zentrum, Vereinslokal der Homosexuellen Initiative (HOSI)
Wien im 2. Bezirk in der Novaragasse 40, ist seit über 20 Jahren gern
besuchter Treffpunkt für Lesben, Schwule und ihre FreundInnen.
Mittwochabends trifft sich die Lesbengruppe, an Donnerstagen die
zwei Jugendgruppen Newcomer und Junge Herzen und an den
Freitagen wird bei den Frauentanzabenden das Tanzbein geschwungen.

Einen Relaunch erfährt diesen Herbst der Allgemeine Abend am Dienstag.
Ab sofort ist an diesem Tag ab 19 Uhr geöffnet. Bei guter Musik
entspannt plaudern können hier in angenehmer Atmosphäre neben -
und mit - den Vereinsmitgliedern vor allem auch Leute, die die HOSI
Wien bisher nur aufgrund ihrer politischen Aktivitäten aus Zeitungen,
Radio und Internet kannten. Für den kleinen Hunger gibt es ein
preiswertes Buffet. Und mehrmals im Jahr finden auch spannende
Kultur- und Diskussionsveranstaltungen statt.

Ein ganzes Team von AktivistInnen und Vorstandsmitgliedern wechselt
sich an den HOSI-Dienstagen im "Radl" als Bardienst ab. Da bietet
sich Gelegenheit, Informationen aus erster Hand zu bekommen. Auch
die Obleute der HOSI Wien, Helga Pankratz und Christian Högl,
werden mindestens einmal im Monat selbst in die Rolle der
Barkeeperin bzw. des Barkeepers schlüpfen.

2., Novaragasse 40
Tel./Fax 216 66 04

Im Zentrum - der Dienstagabend für alle
jeden Dienstag ab 19 Uhr

12 - AGM am Volksstimmefest
von: Arbeitsgruppe Marxismus <>
Die Arbeitsgruppe Marxismus wird auch dieses Jahr wieder am
Volksstimmefestauf der Wiener Jesuitenwiesen vertreten sein -
mit einem Infotisch in der"Initiativenstraße" (Nr. 135).
Dort gibt's u.a. unsere neuen Bücher,Broschüren und Flugschriften
und natürlich auch die Möglichkeit zurDiskussion mit der AGM.
Mit revolutionären Grüßen
Miodrag Jovanovic (für die AGM)

13 - Ist Österreich noch neutral?
von: Verein Stadtteilz. Simmering <>

NATO-Truppen "üben" im September in der Steiermark,
die Regierung möchte die Neutralität abschaffen,
die grosse Mehrheit der in Österreich lebenden Menschen
ist für die Beibehaltung der immerwährenden Neutralität Österreichs.

Bei einer Veranstaltung des überparteilichen Österreichischen
Friedensrates diskutieren am Sonntag, 2. September 2001
im Rahmen des Volksstimmefestes über die Frage
"Ist Österreich noch neutral?"

Mag. Josef Baum (Stadtrat in Purkersdorf, Autor des Buches "Tagwache")
Dr. Elke Renner (LehrerInnen für den Frieden),
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Schönfeld (Österreichischer Friedensrat) und
Manfred Sauer (Diskussionsleitung, Vorsitzender d. Öst. Friedensrates).

Die Diskussion beginnt am Sonntag, dem 2. September
um 14.30 Uhr im Diskussionszelt am Volksstimmefest,
1020 Wien, Prater.

Für den Terminkalender:
Sonntag, 2. September 2001, 14.30 Uhr:
Ist Österreich noch neutral? Diskussion mit StR. Mag. Josef Baum,
Dr. Elke Renner, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Schönfeld, Manfred Sauer;
Diskussionszelt im Rahmen des Volksstimmefestes,
1020 Wien, Prater, Diskussionszelt
VeranstalterIn: Österreichischer Friedensrat

Andreas Pecha, Friedensbüro, Tel. 01 796 50 21,
(0676) 599 22 77,
Alois Reisenbichler, Tel. 0664 39 51 809,




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